About Us

Video Conference, you can see your partner and having discussion very interactively, enjoy presentation material even chatting, recording. Those thing is widely spread in your business live.

CISCO, Polycom, Avaya and so many video conference products are very great technology. They are giant in this area. Webex, Skype, BlueJeans are also very famous web conference. People may have their own choice.

Big Blue Button, Open Meeting and other open source products are in this competitive market.

Now, where is e-Rapat position?

We are in community with all of those products mentioned above. We are part of them.

We bring our product named TrueConf.

Why TrueConf?

TrueConf answer your question about 2 thing : Low Cost Product and Reasonable Quality

TrueConf comes to answer 2 thing : Low Cost Product and Reasonable Quality. TrueConf address your need of high quality video conference at lower cost

e-Rapat CEO