Messaging Services

Everybody know Whatsapp as the most popular messaging service. It's very powerful. It is very helpful for everybody.

But for you who wants more private environment by hosting it in your own server, who wants to have more control, who need to make customization over their messaging procedure, who wants to make it more secure...and more ability...and wants to integrate with your existing software/application such as HR System and etc...

We have the solution!

1. V-Cube Gate

V-Cube Gate

"Gate" is Whatsapp like messaging application. It has differences as below :

  • More private :
  1. All logs are remain in the server and ready for audit process.
  2. Can change the logo to your company's logo
  3. Messaging flow could be customized. The customization is like creating one way message from top management to all staff, from HR Department to all staff, group messaging for VIP, etc.
  • More secure :
  1. It can be installed in your own company's server so all securities concern will follow your security regulation